Canadian Electrical Wholesaler

Carrie Scott


Liteline has announced that Carrie Scott, CPA, CA is assuming the role of Director of Finance and Administration.



Southwire Canada


Southwire Canada has made multiple process and organizational changes to help improve accessibility, accuracy, consistency, reliability, responsiveness and timeliness in all customer interactions. This includes a number of new appointments to the Southwire Canada team.



Joe OwEN


Westburne has welcomed Joe Owen to Westburne Alberta as the new Regional Sales Manager for Southern Alberta effective August 15th. Joe joined Westburne in November of 2015 as a Strategic Account Manager on the Oil & Gas team where he effectively managed large midstream customers and consistently grew the business. Prior to joining Westburne Joe worked at Guillevin as a Regional Solutions Consultant.



Pierre Vincent


Standard has announced the arrival of Pierre Vincent who is joining Standard as Regional Sales Manager for Eastern Canada as of September 18th, 2017. He will be responsible for leading Sales in Eastern Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic regions.





Is your industrial or manufacturing facility in Toronto adopting pneumatic automation for increased efficiency in operations? In the process, you will come across many parts necessary for pneumatic equipment to function well and serve your purposes. An essential component you will come across and choose according to your day-to-day operational needs are pneumatic tubings and fittings.





Health & Safety week will take place from September 18th to the 22nd. Every year, Lumen organizes this event to raise awareness about the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace. We offer training sessions, product presentations and meetings with suppliers at our branches throughout the week.


Electric Axle


TM4 has partnered with AxleTech International to develop integrated electric axles (e-axles) for heavy-duty vehicles.TM4 announced today their partnership with AxleTech International to develop integrated electric axles (e-axles) for heavy-duty vehicles.





The Government of Canada has demonstrated leadership in propelling Canada’s transformation to a low-carbon economy. Innovative government policies, like labelling building energy performance, developing retrofit codes, and offering low-cost financing for retrofits, will be effective in moving the sector forward.





Beghelli has made CDm2 LIGHTWORKS its new agency representing the province of BC. CDm2 LIGHTWORKS is a leader in the industry and experts in delivering innovative, sustainable lighting solutions. They will integrate Beghelli emergency and Luce lighting products into their line of world class lighting products.



Ideal Supply


Tim MacDonald has announced that Joan Waechter is leaving Ideal Supply at the end of October this year.




By Shoynear Morrison

The importance of using the right tone within communications and marketing can be easily underestimated. Within these fields words are used to convey specific messages and meaning regarding a brand.

What does the word tone mean and how can understanding its meaning allow you to apply this literacy device?

Well... The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word tone as an “accent or inflection expressive of a mood or emotion, the pitch of a word often used to express differences of meaning.” Aka… tone, is the way we say something and creates emotion. 






Changing Scene

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